The Best Sites to Sell On

There are a few sites that are essential for those wishing to monetise their educational resources and sell them to teachers and schools for profit, these are the most essential!


We have sold, by far, the most products over TES. TES (Times Educational Supplement) offer, in our opinion, a number of advantages over TpT (Teachers Pay Teachers)

  • There’s no subscription fee or charges, it’s 100% free
  • The seller:user ratio is much more favourable
  • It’s the most popular site for teachers in the UK and is growing in popularity around the world.
  • It offers great incentives to encourage uploading.
  • The payment system is smoother (you can transfer to your bank account once a week).
  • It has a very easy to use bundling system to allow you to sell collections of resources at discounted rates.

Teachers Pay Teachers

  • The most well-known platform for selling teaching resources in the world.
  • Offers a more global platform
  • Perhaps more competitive than TES but, ultimately, has a very large client base.