Selling on TpT? Here’s why you should use TES…

If you use Teachers Pay Teachers, here are some good reasons to boost your sales by using TES as well. If you’re deciding whether to sign up with TpT or TES, this article might help you decide!

Click here to visit TES and Sign-up as an author!

  1. TES have no subscription charges. It’s 100% free to use.There are no subscription charges or costs at any point. Ever.
  2. There are over 500,000 teachers in the UK, TES is by far the most popular site for them to get resources – this is a massive expansion of your market.
  3. TES have ambitions to expand into the US, AUS and NZ Markets. We reckon they will be TpT’s main rival: but there’s no need to pick sides, use both to boost your profits!
  4. Regular sales and incentives: at least once a month TES fund a 25% discount on all products which generates massive increases in sales. They also, for those with 100+ resources, occasionally have a £2/upload reward month.
  5. They pay at your request: you can withdraw your earnings once per week, there’s no fee, and TES transfer straight into your bank account.
  6. The bundle system is way better, and way more smoothly integrated that TpT
  7. The seller:buyer ratio is better on TES. In my experience: TpT is way too crowded, I earn a LOT more selling on TES (I use both). I think the reason for this is that, for decades TES built up a customer base by offering ONLY free resources – it was primarily a site for UK teachers to share resources freely.
  8. TES favours new retailers. We found it much easier to gain a foothold in the market on TES than on TpT
  9. TES and TpT may be rivals, but stubbornly choosing one and being loyal to it won’t increase your profits! We say USE BOTH and let them do the work for you!
  10. Using multiple sites to sell will improve the likelihood of your resources getting hits from Google. If you use both TES and TpT you will be roughly twice as likely to be viewed with Google searched.

Click here to visit TES and Sign-up as an author!



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